Domicilio: Calle Deportista Nº 4   3º E 

    29013 Málaga

 Tlfs.   952 266 903 - 630 460 995


Catálogo de obras de arte para contemplar desde su domicilio. José Adolfo Hierrezuelo, destacado pintor, presenta su colección de ESTRUCTURAS URBANAS, BODEGONES, ESCULTURAS, PAISAJES MALAGUEÑOS, ETC.




        1944 Born in Vélez-Málaga

        1957 began his apprenticeship by painting the streets with his friend Vélez Evaristo Guerra

                  Learn burin engraving 1958 Antonio Lopez Timonel

        1961 Perfect the art of engraving and the stone set in Cordoba Emilio Valdés

        1962 Begins his career as an engraver of jewelry in Malaga

        1963 Makes drawing courses in Fine Arts in Malaga

        1973 Perfect techniques with Diaz-Oliva Oil

        1974 Wins First Prize of Painting outdoor Riogordo

        1978 Begins the different techniques span recorded in the Collective have as teachers and Joseph Faria Jorge Lindell

        1983 Starts a new post about methacrylate, during the following years studying techniques cut, polished and glued to the material

        1992 Starting this year and over the next ten makes various sculptures, including the practice of a sport

                  sculptures made trophies sports grounds

         1995 Commissioned by the National Federation of Archery, the implementation of the cartel in Spain Championship

                   Room in the city of Marbella

         1998 Poster Makes Archery Championship "Ciudad de Málaga"

         1999 First Logo Design Award of the Federation of the Physically Handicapped Malagueña

         2000 and 2001 During these two years reprises his stage recorder and performs several jewelers engraving with intricate silver work.

                  Make posters of Archery Championship "Ciudad de Málaga" in these two years

         2002 Special familiar suggestion begins a new phase, painting Still Life with connotations Arabo-Andalusian and alternating with constructivist structures.

                   Pays a visit to Lanzarote and know live the work of Cesar Manrique, and is impressed by the landscape.

         2003 From this year belongs to the Association of Artists of Malaga (APLAMA).

                  Also attending the course, "SPEAKING OF ART" held at the Contemporary Art Center of Málaga (CAC).

                  Y is selected in different competitions.

        2006 together with Svetlana Kalachnik Make a trip to Hyderabad (India) which together paint a mural in addition to painting a picture during an event.

        2009 SOUTHERN JOURNAL Publish with a Christmas card together with various artists

        2010 SOUTHERN JOURNAL Publish with a range in conjunction with various artists. Presents the Carnival Poster Málaga 2011.

                 SOUTHERN JOURNAL publishes a Christmas card together with various artists           

        2011 Make the poster in digital format of 150 anniversary of the Colegio de La Goleta

        2012  SOUTH JOURNAL publishes a Christmas card together with various artists, plus
                    participate in the exhibition commemorating the 75th anniversary of the Journal, in the hall of the Municipal Museum of Malaga

        2013 Post with some SOUTHERN DAILY peers and a scarf and painted one of the forty goats as outlined in Calle Larios in Malaga